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Each of our customers is important to   complaint. We do not expect our employees
                                             to tolerate  verbal abuse or threats or any
         us and we believe you have the right
                                             other manner of intimidating behavior from
         to a fair, swift and courteous service at   our customers. Should instances of this
                                             nature occur, our employees have our full
         all times.
                                             support  in  terminating  a  telephone  call,  or
                                             written correspondence.
         Tingdene recognises the  value in
                                             If in the unlikely event that this escalates to a
         complaints and will accept complaints   situation where we are receiving abusive or
         openly.  A  complaint  is  seen  as  an   threatening calls and letters from a specific
                                             person  we  will take appropriate action
         opportunity to review and evaluate the   and notify the Police and our solicitors.
         service we deliver and provide.     We have a duty to ensure the  welfare of
                                             all our employees, and are grateful for our
                                             customers’ cooperation in this regard.
         Our complaints procedure is clear and
                                             We reserve the right to terminate any
         precise and we hope that it will provide   correspondence or communication that
         you, our customer the confidence    we believe to be unreasonable, aggressive
                                             or  abusive,  and  which  specifically  diverts
         that  your complaint  will be treated   resources.
         confidentially and with no retribution.

                                             Quality of Response
         Full and Fair Investigation         Whenever possible, a complaint  will be
                                             handled by one member of our team from
         Our aim is to satisfy complaints  with our   receipt to reply and it will address the points
         first response and provide frank and honest   you raise.  All complaints  will be fully and
         responses to any complaints raised.  fairly investigated. We will make reasonable
                                             endeavors to address all issues raised
         There are occasions where a customer feels
         so aggrieved  with a particular experience   Complaints Procedure
         that they feel the need to speak to a
         Manager or a Company Director. Whilst we   Complaints may be made in person, over the
         will always endeavor to consider these   telephone or in writing. In the first instance
         requests,  we  would ask  you to follow our   you should report  your complaint  to the
         complaints procedure in the first instance in   onsite  office  where we will  endeavour  to
         order for your complaint to be dealt with in a   resolve your complaint as quickly as possible.
         consistent manner.
                                             We will acknowledge your complaint promptly.
         Additionally our onsite teams are best placed
         to log a complaint, record your experience   Anonymous complaints will not be accepted.
         and offer a resolution. Our Managers are kept
         up to date  with customer correspondence   Your complaint once received will be recorded
         and  will take appropriate action  where   in the Complaints Record and the matter will
         necessary to improve our services as a result   proceed to investigation.
         of complaints received.
                                             Your complaint will be treated seriously and
         We expect our customers to maintain a   will be dealt  with initially at an operational
         level of courtesy and politeness  whilst  we   on-site level with the aim of resolving your
         are given the opportunity to resolve their   complaint promptly.

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