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If we are unable to resolve your complaint   Where we are able to resolve your complaint
         immediately we will  investigate your   by the close of three business days following
         complaint and endeavour to send a final   receipt, and this is to your satisfaction, we will
         response to  you  within 14 days of receipt   issue a written summary of our findings and
         of your initial complaint. If we are unable to   their conclusion.  If having received this letter
         provide you with a final response within this   you remain dissatisfied, you may refer the issue
         time we will send you an update.    to the Financial Ombudsman Service (FOS) -
         If  we are unable to provide  you  with a full   The Financial Ombudsman Service
         response  after a  total of 28  days from  the   Exchange Tower
         date of  your initial complaint and  we send   London
         you an update, that update will provide you   E14 9SR
         with details of our intended action and the
         associated timescales.  We  will continue to   T:  0800 0234 567
         correspond with you at regular intervals until we   W:
         are able to provide you with a final response.
                                             If  your complaint cannot be resolved
         If you feel you are unhappy with our response   by the close of three business days
         and you feel that your complaint has not been   following its receipt,  you  will receive our
         resolved we will direct you to an appropriate   written  acknowledgement  setting  out
         Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR).  our understanding of  your complaint and
                                             enclosing a copy of these procedures, and
         Consumer Credit & Credit-           we  will ensure that  you are regularly kept
                                             informed of our progress with regards to the
         Broking Complaints Procedure        investigation into your complaint.

         If your complaint relates to a consumer credit   We  will endeavour to send  you our Final
         service or credit-broking activity provided by   Decision Letter; addressing  your concerns
         Tingdene Holiday Parks Limited (under CCL   and providing you with our decision within 8
         628949) or credit-broking activity provided   weeks or keep you informed of the progress
         by Tingdene Boat Sales Limited (under CCL   of your complaint if not resolved before then.
         614510)  we operate a specific complaints   Where  we are unable to provide  you  with
         policy as set out by relevant guidelines.  our Final Decision Letter,  we  will send  you
                                             confirmation of this in writing along with an
         Specifically in relation to consumer credit or   explanation as to why we have been unable
         credit-broking complaints:          to  complete  our  investigations  within  this
                                             time scale.  We will confirm when you can
         We will acknowledge your complaint promptly   next expect contact from us.
         following receipt, enclosing a copy of these
         procedures.                         Where  we are still unable to complete
                                             our  investigations within  8 weeks  of your
         If  you make an oral complaint, our  written    complaint, we will send confirmation of this
         acknowledgement  will  set  out  our  in  writing along  with an explanation as to
         understanding of your complaint.    why we have been unable to complete our
                                             investigations within this timescale.  We will
         If we have reasonable grounds to be satisfied   confirm when you can next expect contact
         that another firm may be solely or jointly   from us.  At this stage,  you may also refer
         responsible for the allegation(s) made,  we   your complaint to the Financial Ombudsman
         will promptly forward the complaint or the   Service.
         relevant part of it to that firm. We will write
         to  you to confirm our actions and provide   We  will provide  you  with a copy of the
         contact details of the firm concerned.  Financial Ombudsman Service leaflet; ‘your
                                             complaint and the ombudsman’.

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