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We will continue to investigate the complaint   Holiday Property Complaints
         until we are in a position to send you our Final
         decision Letter.                    If  your complaint relates to a holiday
                                             property / property owned by Tingdene, you
         If your complaint is upheld, we will provide   can write to:
         you  with fair compensation for any acts or
         omissions for which we are responsible.   Property Ombudsman
                                             Millford House
         Once you have received our Final Decision   43-55 Millford Street
         Letter, if you are unhappy with our handling   Salisbury
         of your complaint; you can refer the matter   Wiltshire
         to the Financial Ombudsman Service at the   SP1 2BP
         address provided above.
                                             T:  01722 333306
         You must refer the matter to the Financial   W:
         Ombudsman Service within 6 months of the
         date of our Final Decision Letter.  A copy of
         the Financial Ombudsman Service leaflet   All Complaints
         ‘your complaint and the ombudsman’ will be
         included with our Final Decision Letter.  If our onsite team is unable to resolve your
                                             complaint or  you are dissatisfied  with the
         We shall deem the matter closed when:  final response you have received you should
                                             contact our Head Office by selecting the
         •  We have resolved your complaint by close    Tingdene Brand you wish to talk to us about.
           three business days from receipt to your
           satisfaction, and issued a written summary    Confidentiality
           confirming the outcome of our investigation
         •  Our investigation has been completed and    We will not divulge confidential information
           a Final Decision Letter has been sent to    to third parties unless we have your written
           you, or;                          consent. We may however divulge some or
                                             all of your details without consent where it
         •  Where  you have indicated, in  writing,    is necessary for us to fulfill our own and our
           acceptance of any earlier response, where    legal obligations.

                            Tingdene Customer Services

           Please visit our customer services website to contact us online and/or lodge a complaint:
               Tingdene, Bradfield Road, Finedon Road Ind Estate, Wellingborough NN8 4HB
                                    Tel: 01933 449090

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